Tell Congress To Take A Pay Cut!

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Tell Congress To Take A Pay Cut!

As the economy continues to lean closer toward a depression and Americans are losing their jobs and homes we ask that our elected officials do their part to help spread the wealth.

We want all members of congress to take an immediate 25% pay cut and that a wage-freeze begin immediately. This wage-freeze should remain in effect until the economy has completely recovered.

We want our elected members of congress to begin paying into social security instead of their privately funded retirement program.

We want our elected members of congress to pay their own way to and from work and for their meals (like the rest of us) instead of using a government expense account. This should also include using your own vehicle versus a government car.

These are hard times in America and your jobs are secure at least until the next election. Ours are not. We are losing our homes and forced to pay into social security and being a public servant should not equate to being an elitist.

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I'm poor. Work 5 days a week. No vacation. No benefits. No retirement. No 401k. I get screwed on my taxes. I tried to get help with food stamps. I got 15 dollars a month. Its a slap in the face. You make me hate every democratic representative and candidate
As a Combat Wounded Veteran. I served my country, sacrificed time away from my wife and kids. To protect the constitution of the the United States. My family now helps to take care of me. I may never work again. Now that I'm home I'm constantly battling to get help, and plead with doctors to help me. But because of budget cuts and force reductions in the military. I am being forced to medically retire. My actual paperwork says "expedite claim". Which means I'll be pushed out faster, taking a automatic 50% pay reduction. If I as a wounded service member can make 5 times less, be wounded, and have to support my family. Why can't you as a politician? Thank you.
The greedy elite have ruled long enough,time to cut their pay and benefits to equal that of the serfs(US)!
It is on record that our congress from 2008 to present is the worst congress in our history not passing any legislaton to improve the well being of our country, but complain about those on fixed incomes making less than $ 10,000 a year and say we are making to much. Congress is unwarranted in making their salaries and should be decreased for the betterment of our country.
2/21/2014 9:33am
Yes I Feel that our so called career Politicans have lost the reason they were put in that elected it was not to get rich and forget that we the american voters put you in that position that we trusted you all to do the job that you took an oath to upheld .

But with all the special interest groups that are corrupt in washington,DC all of you GREEDY , TWO -FACED, LYING politicans all you all care about is filling your pockets with CORRUPT money I Feel that there should be election reforms ,and an citizen committee picked to investigate how congress runs and investigate exactly the in's out's on the life of every day so that this committee can exactly see how a politican waste our TAXPAYERS MONEY, it should be decided by the american people if congress and other govern ment officals deserve a PAYRAISE or NOT it is wrong the way the system is that they give themselves Thousands & Thousand dollars in payraises but want to CUT VETERANS BENEFITS and Make the senior Citizens struggle to Live on a MEASLEY $600.00 -$700.00 Disability check when you politicans ONLY CARE ABOUT YOURSELVES did you all forget who put you in that position the AMERICAN VOTERS did and we can Take you out of that Position in this next election 2014 WE also Need TO ENACT "TERM LIMITS" because you all got to comfortable in Washington ,DC and forgot about who put you there you should use your own personal vehicles to go back and forth to work and also pay into social security fund and also sign up for OBAMACARE which you all voted on also you also should pay for your own advertisement when you run for reelection that should not be the TAXPAYERS footing the bill. WAKE UP AMERICA LET"S TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY back WE DON"T NEED CAREER POLITICANS in any Political office CITY, COUNTY, STATE, offices SO LETS ENACT "TERM LIMITS" once and for all to let these CROOKED ,GREEDY, TWO-FACED ,LYING CAREER POLITICANS IN ALL POLITICAL OFFICES all they care about is $$$$$$$$ in their pockets we have CORRUPT POLITICANS IN OFFICE and this needs to Change in 2014

Thank You for letting me voice my distrust in our CAREER POLITICANS That office or any POLITICAL OFFICE was not made to be A LIFETIME POSITION. John G. Cumming Jr.
You work for a minimum of four years and get a "NEVER TO DECREASE retirement for life!
We have to work a minimum of 20 years to get an ever decreasing pension. THE FOX(Congress) IS GUARDING THE HEN HOUSE
you cut pension on people who protect this country as ya'll sit there drinking your 5000. dollar coffee