Tell Congress To Take A Pay Cut!

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Tell Congress To Take A Pay Cut!

As the economy continues to lean closer toward a depression and Americans are losing their jobs and homes we ask that our elected officials do their part to help spread the wealth.

We want all members of congress to take an immediate 25% pay cut and that a wage-freeze begin immediately. This wage-freeze should remain in effect until the economy has completely recovered.

We want our elected members of congress to begin paying into social security instead of their privately funded retirement program.

We want our elected members of congress to pay their own way to and from work and for their meals (like the rest of us) instead of using a government expense account. This should also include using your own vehicle versus a government car.

These are hard times in America and your jobs are secure at least until the next election. Ours are not. We are losing our homes and forced to pay into social security and being a public servant should not equate to being an elitist.

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Well what about our congress sacrificing a little and taking a pay cut?
It is time to cut all government pay by 50 to 75% except military and police Obama cut 100,000 per year cut all other pay cut all benefits no sick leave pay no paid vacations no paid holidays no government employee should make over 75000.00 per year. DONT LIKE IT GET A REAL JOB WHERE YOU HAVE TO WORK TO GET PAID
enough of us suffering while they live high on the hog.
dont you dare cut benefits to our troops they deserve medical more than our worthless overpaid lazy government.
why should they live high on the hog while we suffer
oh and get rid of any judge that does not UPHOLD the constitution WE WILL PROTECT IT
Why hasn't this issue gained more traction amongst the masses?
Until the minimum wage is raised to $10.10 an hour, Congress should take a pay cut. I'm sick of these privileged clowns who think they're royalty!
Congress has done more damage to middle class Americans. It's time to send Congress a clear message! If they can't give Americans a raise, they should take a substantial cut to their pay and benefits!
I'm poor. Work 5 days a week. No vacation. No benefits. No retirement. No 401k. I get screwed on my taxes. I tried to get help with food stamps. I got 15 dollars a month. Its a slap in the face. You make me hate every democratic representative and candidate