Tell Congress To Take A Pay Cut!

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Tell Congress To Take A Pay Cut!

As the economy continues to lean closer toward a depression and Americans are losing their jobs and homes we ask that our elected officials do their part to help spread the wealth.

We want all members of congress to take an immediate 25% pay cut and that a wage-freeze begin immediately. This wage-freeze should remain in effect until the economy has completely recovered.

We want our elected members of congress to begin paying into social security instead of their privately funded retirement program.

We want our elected members of congress to pay their own way to and from work and for their meals (like the rest of us) instead of using a government expense account. This should also include using your own vehicle versus a government car.

These are hard times in America and your jobs are secure at least until the next election. Ours are not. We are losing our homes and forced to pay into social security and being a public servant should not equate to being an elitist.

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Congress has cut the salaries of other government employees and federal aid for those that need it time and again without blinking at their $175,000 plus benefits and pension along with the power to create laws with loopholes to help their, as well as their benefactors', businesses furthering the desparity gap. It's ethically, morrally, and fiscally atrocious.
Politicians should only be paid for the time they are actually working in their official capacity. In addition they should only be paid the amount of the least paid member in the military.
If the president & congress, as well as former presidents & congress members, can cut pay and impose furloughs for federal workers, then why don't the president & congress cut pay & impose furloughs for themselves?
If you are not serving it the Government. You should not get paid for life time like the rest of us.
Politicians need to take a pay cut, ex presidents/vice presidents shouldn't continue to receive a salary. Officials need to pay into social security like the rest of us. Better yet, make all political positions "volunteer" - no pay and watch them drop out!
Congress should set an example and take a pay cut.
Food prices are high everything cost over $5.00. one bedroom apartment rents for $1100 month, can't get a job because all the Mexican has then. I never seem a homeless Asian before or Mexican,all I see is white & black Americans. SSI is $890 month SS $1000 month. Their will be more homeless American on the streets.
As you all continue to take away from your constituents, are are responsible to cut your own pay! The very same amount you cut the Social Security, Veterans and our Military!
Can march on Washington be organized to demonstrate that We the People want these actions to take place?
Can march on Washington be organized to demonstrate that We the People want these actions to take place?
With all excess perks and donation money received it is ridiculous that we the people get the constant shaft, our voices aren't even heard. When you allow to be bought out you sell the American people out by the millions to a few rich crooked business owners. When the population is over 300 million is it fair to say that a few hundred people speaks for them all.
I think congress is full of thieves . They keep a full salary while regular government workers can't even get their minimum wage ! Its unjust , unfair , and it's called stealing ! They should be prosecuted.
I think it is an outrage to make schools , government workers , and people on social security to take cuts while senators continue to rip people off and make six figure incomes per year . I read that one candidate for president plans to abolish teacher's lounges .Teachers actually work hard and help people . Something politicians need to work on ! so Let's abolish his own lounge for corrupt politicians !
Get rid of having to file income tax returns by setting something like an across the board 6% income tax for everyone equally 4% going to federal and 2% going to state. Elimanating the expense of prosesing returns. It also takes one less thing off the board for politicians to argue about.
By doing these things I'm sure there will be great savings in the budget. DON'T BOTHER OUR MILITARY ACTIVE OR RETIRED!!!
Before you cut Military and Retired military pay take a pay cut yourself. You ask everyone else to make sacrifices so put be a leader and do the same thing.