Impeach Congress!

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Impeach Congress!




All existing members of congress (Senate and House) will be forced to resign when their current term is over! No existing member of congress will be eligible to run for any public office, ever again!

We the American Taxpayer are sick and tired of they way you WASTE our money! You are FIRED!

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Congress has too much control over the government. They have more power than the president. They don't want to change the gun laws, but people continue to get killed. It's not a black, white, or any type of race or culture thing. It's about what's right and how to keep all walks of life safe. We need more money put into schools especially for students who dream of having a college degree, but Congress believes everyone has enough money for a University in their own state or wanted degree. A lot of people are not educated on how much power Congress really have when it's time to choose Congress leaders, but feel as though the President has the most power. And that's why most people who do voete only vote to vote for a President, but that's it.Which in fact it's not true. Bills and decisions are given to Congress before it's handed to a president. Congress is suppose to represent the people (the citizens) and be our voice and be on our side, but most of them have their own agenda and look out for themselves. Why can we impeach a President, but we can't do the same with a Congressman or Congresswomen when they no longer speak for us (the citizens) but speaks for themselves and wishes. Isn't that still their job to be our voice or did that change?
Yes! I am speaking of those like Senator, Ted Cruz, who (as an example in 2014 while representing our nation's Senate), led his dark money backed crusade to block passage of the Nation's next Spending Bill at the midnight hour. (His demand was the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, of course.)

This, I believe was an act of treason, as it was instrumental in lowered America's credit score rating worldwide. It also showed the world just how unstable and hate filled America has become. In my mind, this was/is an impeachable offense.

While we cannot impeach those special interest/dark money groups pull our Congress's strings, a swift impeachment (or at least immediate retirement,)should be a tenable solution. A great many Americans suspect one of every four members of this Congress, maybe more, should be considered for impeachment for their dirty dealings, as well. The offenses are, again, shamelessly abhorrent.
Congress should not be a lifetime seat , it's a job that should be treated as one ! If your not doing your job we the people will find someone who will and you will not reap the benefits of your life time gravy bowl !
The oath that each and every member of congress has sworn, off the top of my head, at least 3 of them have broken this vow, which makes the action of impeachment on the justices of our country, if they fail to remedy the situation, As a U.S. Citizen I exercise my constitutional right to impeach said members of congress.
Before you defund public programs how about you cut your pay, living off the median wage for the country and then factor in how many days of the year you work. After that take away your benefits for life. What gives you the right to award yourselves benefits for life when the average american doesn't get that benefit?
None of those of u who are worth keeping are enough to break the chain of disservice for WE THE PEOPLE!
Times of Crisis require new attitudes and maturity to overcome the attack upon our civil liberties and Personal FREEDOM.United in purpose We the people of Earth can save our planet from the banksters and those nimods in Congress who cant read or create a Bill that benefits the PEOPLE of our nation.
they are dinosaurs in office . mafia with an anti-American campaign towards letting SHARIA LAW INTO OUR COUNTRY