Impeach Congress!

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Impeach Congress!




All existing members of congress (Senate and House) will be forced to resign when their current term is over! No existing member of congress will be eligible to run for any public office, ever again!

We the American Taxpayer are sick and tired of they way you WASTE our money! You are FIRED!

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We know that congress doesn't work. Not for you or for me they only work for themselves cause if they really gave a******our roads and bridges would be worked on to be fixed. It looks to me like your mother, your father and there grandkids uncles and aunts drive the roads and bridges every day and does congress give a******about our safety not at all. All they worry about is the pipeline. Tell me what is so important about that pipeline what is congress getting out of it I know I'm not getting anything. Somebody's getting something if it's that important to them. Are you going to welcome that pipeline through your property so stand up and let your congress know that you don't want it you want your bridges and roads fixed. As it is your safety and your families safety that travel these roads and bridges. Tell Bohnner to give a******about American lives not his wallet. P.S. tell Bohnner that you can create more jobs with roads and bridges than you can with a pipeline.
If you were in a real job and refused to do it, you would be fired. The same standard should be applied to you in this job.
No to tax reform. No to rewarding the rich and punishing the porr
That's the republicans for you. At the risk of your life they get to save 5 dollars who are they looking out for? NOT YOU.
This congress that just took office are going to take disability away from me and I am a Diabetic and a heart patient. I have tried to loose weight and have done so far with the loss of 38 Lbs. If I lose any of my diability money I will starve to death. I'm 75years old. If congress wants money stop spending it and tax the rich.
To the American people who voted for the congress and senate. You need to do some checking, because if its true what I hear that they are changing the tax laws. At the end of 2016 congress is taking away dependents and the interest on your homes. You wont be able to claim them on your taxes this is how they plan to balance the budget. Nobody needs to complain when it does happen because you had a right to vote them out now you are stuck with them and the new laws they give you. The only reason they don't want immigration reform is because the big companies will have to pay the immigrants minimum wage instead of 3 dollars an hour they will have to pay 7 and that's why they don't want any of the immigration done. American people need to read between the lines. Does anybody know why these people in congress and the senate want to stay in the government after the age 66? From what I hear and checked out anybody that works 66 and older can make as much as they want without being taxed on anything they make and they still get the social security. So its a really good deal for them to keep working after 66 because they are allowed to make $180,000 plus social security without any tax now you know why they don't want to step down and yet they take away form you. In my book they are all a bunch of crooks. Instead of *****ing about trying to get them out lets just get a revolution going and go after them.
Impeach the clog of our nation.
A Congress that is fair and objective. A congress that has studied and understand the Preamble and the Constitution.
A congress that is beholding only to the American people and will protect their rights life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. A congress that respects the people wishes and the president they elected to execute these wishes. A congress that understand that they are the framers of legislature and report to the president and the American people., A congress that work as a team.
Congress is out of control and down right disrespectful to the American people and to the President that we elected to lead this country. They have abused their power and are accountable only to yourselves. They govern themselves and break laws that we would get arrested for, i.e. blackmail, bullying, obstruction of justice, perjury, extortion, etc. They pay themselves handsome wages and a great retirement for life. They make sure they have the finest health care. They live lavish lifestyles and even become very wealthy after serving office. All of this at the expense of the American people. They continue to increase the tax burdens on the elderly, middle class and the working poor. Now, they want to write into law their personal views on two particular hand-picked moral issues based on their personal preference while overlooking adultery, fornication, racism, class wars, greed and selfishness which is the root of our problems in our country today. We need jobs and living wages. We need congress to stay out of our bedrooms and look after the welfare of ALL of us not just those who voted for them or made campaign contributions or some special interest group, i.e., the rich and corporations. What happened to "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness"? What happened to justice for all? What happened to "All men are created equal".
Congress instead of working and voting to do anything concerning immigration, budget and any thing else, waste taxpayers money by focusing on getting rid of Obama instead of doing your work. Congress is on VACATION more than they are working(which needs to be changed!). The American people don't get cushy jobs like that. The least you could do is work when you ARE in session. John Boehner should be put out. And all the others who want to waste money and energy and time railing against the President. I didn't even vote for Obama but I think he's doing a good job under the circumstances. Congress you should be ashamed of your conduct.
i could run congress better than half these people.. what happened to caring about the people, theres already been polls about what the general public thinks about congress doing a good job and it was bad. only 1 in 10 Americans think they do a good job
Congress needs to grow up and stop acting like a bunch of spoiled brats! Over 500 days to consider passing a bill - they should be fired! Just like your or I would in any other job.
Enough is enough, they are not doing their job, they all need to go!