Impeach Congress!

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Impeach Congress!




All existing members of congress (Senate and House) will be forced to resign when their current term is over! No existing member of congress will be eligible to run for any public office, ever again!

We the American Taxpayer are sick and tired of they way you WASTE our money! You are FIRED!

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Congress has forgotten their duty to act in the best interests of the American People
My name is Anthony Edward Lewis. I'm one of the first "Bernie Or Bust" true Bernie believers. I have pledged that I will ONLY vote for Bernie Sanders. It doesn't matter to me if Bernie is with the "Bud Lite" Party. I will write his name in, if his name is not already on the ballot.

I have sworn that I will gladly write his name in my own blood on the ballot, if it comes down to that. I believe that my vote counts. But, this is the only WAY in which it counts. A vote only counts when cast to express an AFFIRMATIVE purpose. Currently, it's not possible (nor is it preferable), to vote AGAINST a party or politician. If I'm not voting my conscience, I'm wasting my vote.

I hear it suggested soo often that if you're not voting for a candidate that holds the nomination for a major political party, that you are then "throwing your vote away". I REFUSE to accept that. I choose instead to believe that at the end of this election season there is going to be a YUGE number of misguided fellow Americans throwing their votes away because THEY refuse to believe that they have any other choice. I'm determined not to fall into that Trump.,

Its because of this kind of backwards thinking that we are in such a screwed up situation now. Fear of the truth is what fuels that kind of defective, group-think. I'm convinced that it's because of fear and ignorance we are continuing the process of compromising everything.

I believe that I will always have the right to vote for Bernie Sanders. Even if I'm the last and only man on Earth that votes for him, that is EXACTLY what I'm going to do. And, I believe that this is EXACTLY the same sort of fighting spirit I have in common with everyone else in this country that has brand him or herself as a "Bernie Believers". True patriotism has a new name and this is it.

No other candidate has the honor, integrity, or moral character that Bernie Sanders has. I refuse to compromise anymore. Nobody has the right to tell me I'm wrong for not believing the numerous lies that soo many others seem so quick and ready to accept. One of which by the way is, that your vote only counts if you can pick the winner.

People have gotten it all twisted. And, the media is no help with this. Your vote counts no matter who wins. Being able to predict the outcome in advance is NOT the point! That has got to be the most backwards thinking, small minded, short sighted, moraly bankrupt way to view things. I have nothing but contempt in my heart for those that fear what is supposed to make us all stronger.

Being able to live with yourself after you step out of the voting booth is what matters. Being a part of this historic, non-violent, grassroots radical REVOLUTION is what matters. Insisting and demanding that the system change in order to serve more people better is supposed to be what really matters. It's as important as (and, is connected with), the task of voting itself. Taking ownership of my rights, duty, role, responsibility and opp
All those S O Bs are obstructionist. They don't call about America. All they call about is impeding Obama and their own pockets.
You're slaves to the NRA, and the NRA will sacrifice you in the blink of an eye. Fools.
To the rebulica senate and house vote for gun control or else get out
someone click on this link and read the article about impeachment, and then ask why these fraud phony's get re elected when they refused to do their job, number one big mouth who talked about impeachment yet did not a dam thing,, LOUIE GOMHERT
AND JUSTIN AMASH, who is worst the idiot stupid people who re elect these derelict frauds, and all you people who said you were angry so you voted for TRUMP??, well where were you, in impeaching the communist, where??, no where, you were silent, because you listened to the fraud fake phony from long island radio host and all no good for nothing coward radio hosts who did not make it a weekly mission to push for impeachment
Impeach Congress- after shocking votes on guns-they all should be ashamed of themselves-when is this going to stop? The NRA owns them..shame on them!!
Put a congress into office that will do they're job and stand up to a president that signs executive orders like he's a shiek.
Dear Mr. President/Congress- YOU ARE ALL FIRED! Due to your not doing your jobs, you are not entitled to any that retirement $ or benefits. You all seem to have forgotten that we hired you and you work for us.