Impeach Congress!

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Impeach Congress!




All existing members of congress (Senate and House) will be forced to resign when their current term is over! No existing member of congress will be eligible to run for any public office, ever again!

We the American Taxpayer are sick and tired of they way you WASTE our money! You are FIRED!

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No one is above the law, despite what office he or she may hold.
In the real world, if anyone displayed the same do nothing attitude that Congress has these past years they would have been gone long ago. They've forgotten that they work for us... not the other way around...too late!.. Congress you need to go!... bye bye *******s!
I don' understand Rand Paul now all of the sudden he's against the war why? When Bush was in he was all for it he's only against it because his son might have to go to war but he didn't care if other kids went and to me he is a phony. And as most republicians as long as it doesn't affect there family they could care less don't forget elections are around the corner you pull that lever for a republician they are gonna have you in a war now ask yourself how many of their children went to war or did they keep them out of it.
My family is so tired of a do-nothing Congress. Please do resign and let's get some new blood...and term limits, thank you very much.
Congress is in violation of the following Amendments to the Constitution: Enforcement of due process, and equal protection of the laws [in volume in SCOTUS cases involving corporate interests vs. citizen/consumer interests] (XIV)
Preventing voting rights from being denied or abridged on the basis of race or color [In Wisconsin and other states] (XV)
Laying and collecting income taxes [creating, and assisting in lack of enforcement for specific groups to whom they have taken financial recompense for personal reasons] (XVI)
Preventing voting rights from being denied or abridged for women [in the case of Wisconsin and other states] (XIX)
Preventing voting rights from being denied or abridged for any citizen 18 years or older [In Wisconsin and other states] (XXVI)
You know we could be saving money...instead of blowing things up using millions of taxpayers dollars to help fix things in our nation not in someone elses nation but i guess congress isn't the one in power anymore right, its the bankers and the super rich who's going to benefit not the other percentage of america so when we fall just know everyone of you is going to be on the same level as us
So todays news - Last night America began it's military campaign in Syria and begins to bomb ISIS in Syria, a threat of an imminent attack plot against America has been discovered and OUR "employees" politicians in Washington are on a 6 week "recess" (vacation) while all of this is going on. These are the people we elect to protect and run our country??? If their inability to immediately reconvene does not show the ignorance and hypocrisy that goes on in Washington I don't know what does... I'm not a huge Obama fan but really??? Members of Congress always seem quick to come down on him for his golf trips and then they do this!!! They should ALL be fired and lose ALL retirement benefits....
Congress needs term limits and newer generations of congress men and women to represent the changing world and to be able to recognize the changing society. Rather than keeping all of the older members who are stuck in the old world. A new time is upon us and we need new regulations and members to help us get there.
Ok people elections are getting closer if you vote a republican in and they take over the senate or congress we're going back to war. That means when you pull that lever for a republican your going back to war that means when you pull that lever you are sending your kids to war not there kids so think real hard before you pull it.
just heard that congress comes back from a 5 week vacation today, arrived late, will leave early on thurs, and gets another break in november. I'm pretty sure pre-schoolers work harder than congress at this point.
8 years of inaction solely to deny President Obama a third term!
Here we are again talking about impeaching congress but not doing a damn thing about it does anyone out there know about the law and what we can do to congress. So lets get the lawyers involved and see what we can do and how we can do it before the elections in November. I'm just as tired as your are when they get rich off our money because as far as i'm concerned congress can go f*** themselves.