Impeach Congress!

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Impeach Congress!




All existing members of congress (Senate and House) will be forced to resign when their current term is over! No existing member of congress will be eligible to run for any public office, ever again!

We the American Taxpayer are sick and tired of they way you WASTE our money! You are FIRED!

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Need impreach the people in congress all doing make thing worst it not the president Obama fault it y'all I am america citizen yall didnt so call impreach president bush when plane strike twin tower came Pittsburg Pennsylvania do nothing when Republican Party do stuff y'all need kill the noise when black african america is president start when said stuff doing he best as a president YALL NEED TO LEAVE THE PRESIDENT ALONE and still war going on y'all need shut that noise up saying you want impreach president Obama
To the American people congress is not doing there job and it's time we realize it. It's time to vote them out and start with all new. We need people who are going to help us not just themselves and their pockets. The only thing that gets passed is what they want, if they cared at all for the American people they would change the tax laws to benefit the American people not themselves. There are more middle class and poor people than there are rich so come on middle class and poor it is time to change congress vote them out or impeach them. How would you like to go to work and get paid for doing nothing as that is what your congress does. They blame Obama but it's not him it is them. If the republicans had there way the middle class and poor people would get nothing it's all for them.
Nick M you are right about congress why don't the American people stand up and let congress know that we're tired of them. Elections are coming up and if we get more republicans to take over the senate we will be in the same boat we were in when Bush left office.
Congress has been the least productive, flatly stating they wouldn't work with the President when he took office. They have destroyed the way our government has been working since the beginning. They give themselves pay raises, work less than 113 days a year as they refuse to work when they don't get their way. They have cost this country the economic recovery it could have had by the billions it has spent on countless attempts to repeal the ACA, bogus Benghazi investigations, IRS investigations, and their refusal to help the average american with jobs, healthcare, the economy. They have done nothing for the citizens, and everything they have done has been for themselves only. Now, they want to spend more money, and as Boehner admits making a bogus lawsuit that he knows has no grounds, once again on the backs of the taxpayers, the majority who don't believe he should sue Obama, as he has done nothing illegal. Enough is enough. These people need to be held accountable for their dirty politics, their refusal to help Americans, and their waste of American taxpayers money for personal political gain. Using taxpayer's money for personal vendettas should be ILLEGAL.
You all need a wake up call. You all look out for yourselves not the people. This is a public service and a public office. You have done this country great harm for only your personal benefit.Shutting down the government, taking a vacation and almost shutting it down again, fighting each other tooth and nail. Republican and Democrats use to be able to get things done together. It is a scary thought that none of you can get anything done because of your unwillingness to compromise. You are all a threat to the very standing of our nation and should be treated as such. Time for each and every one of you to step down- We need new minds that know how to act on behalf of the people!!
You don't work you don't eat, so get congress off the American taxpayer teat!
You are hurting our country
If you think Boehner is looking out for you republicans and your money you better think again he is wasting more of your money than you think and when we go into a depression you republicans loose your home and jobs just like a democrat you are no different than us. Have you ever seen your congress take money out of there own pocket to help you save your home. It's time you open your eyes and call Boehner and tell him to quit wasting your tax dollars. Boehner wants to sue Obama don't you think we should sue Bush and all of congress for invading Iraq when there was nothing found and all they did was waste our money.
Now they want to sue Obama over his health care after they have voted for it. If the speaker of the house would release the money for roads and bridges our unemployment would be lower. He is just mad that an African American President has got us out of what George Bush got us into. Bush was so smart he invaded the wrong country and how many billions of dollars and American lives did it cost the American people. Its time to have an all democrat congress if we do that the economy will keep growing and there will be more jobs.
Worst Congress in American History!
Get all bums from congress, we need new blood to get country working