Impeach Congress!

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Impeach Congress!




All existing members of congress (Senate and House) will be forced to resign when their current term is over! No existing member of congress will be eligible to run for any public office, ever again!

We the American Taxpayer are sick and tired of they way you WASTE our money! You are FIRED!

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we need positive change! help the Earth and our family and love our space! Fighting for ourselves and the death of our lovely friends and family is more than just not right.. its absolutely ridiculous beyond measure. Look deep into your heart?! NO MORE BAD CONGRESS!!! LIARS COMMITTED TO RIDICULE- DONT YOU HAVE REAL PASSION?!!! WHERE IS YOUR REAL LIFE WHERE IS YOUR HEART. THANKS!!!!
So how do you impeach congress? People talk about it all the time but what do you have to do to get them out, how many signatures do you need? Do you know what's not good for America it's congress.
Every member of congress and the US government is completely corrupted!!
Get rid of the problem children. They're part of the problem and not part of the solution. They treat the President like he's a black man and they're the KKK.
I believe that Congress does not act for the people. They are acting for the 1% of white American's which many of them are and work to protect. We are supposed to be equal in the eyes of the law, but we are not equal. We the people are fed up with Congress and I for one vote to impeach Congress!
They have wasted enough of or time and money, its time for them to go. They only care about the rich and bad mouthing the President, we should be able to remove them from office RIGHT NOW enough is enough I was willing to give my live for our country a country they really don't seem to care about. All they care about is how much money they can make off the little guys, NO MORE... Lets tell them to 1)Get Out 2)This is Not the budget we want,(Tax Breaks for the Rich) while living off the lower and middle class. 3)NO MORE SUPER PACS, there just buying there way in. And something is definitely wrong with this last election, I think it should be looked into. AND stop talking about the president, at least he's working for us, the country is finally coming back no thanks to you- and now you pass a budget to kill all that progress. I don't care if you don't like him, that's not why your there your there for us, remember FOR the PEOPLE BY the PEOPLE, we say what you are to do, and we said no more taxes on the lower and middle class, its high time you start paying your fair share not less than us when you make so much more than us. WAKE UP people get them out NOW....
I can't believe the glaring lack of respect the congress has for the office of the President of the United states of America . They have consistently gone behind the back of the President to undermine him. From the day he took office the congress has done anything and everything they can to embarrass him. It is time for them to go and never come back. We need to have three parties or nothing will ever change. We also need to set limits on how long they serve. The president 6 years only, senate and congress 6years only. This way no one is seeking re-election and will focus on their job. No one can ever be re-elected. If these steps are not taken this country will not be a good leader for the world.
We the people of america.. Ban all forms of lobbyist, repeal floor privilages of any kind to previous members of congress and their staff members, and force previous members of congress and their staff not to be allowed to do business with the government in any way directly or indirectly for a minimum of ten years once they are out of office. Since you all say you love america , prove it putting this exact above comment word for word on the next presidential and congressional election ballot and let we the people vote on it. If not then quit lying to the american people and make the hard choices and votes for our country not your personal greedy financial interest.
One additional addendum to add to the above statement , no pork barreling on any bill voted on in congress( house and senate ).
This is the only way to save _America. Prove that you care and love America.